Notes for Voting via Laptop

Regardless of your affiliation, when voting please be aware of your location and surroundings.

In order to maintain the privacy and integrity of the electoral process, all electors casting their vote using a laptop computer must be granted free space within a five (5) foot radius when casting their vote(s).

Under no circumstances is any person connected with elections, other than polling officials, to be within the 15-meter area of free space around an elector while they are casting their vote(s) using a laptop computer.

If any elector feels pressured to cast a vote for any candidate or referenda against their will, they are advised to:

  1. Refuse to log on to the yu vote system until their privacy is assured, or, if they are online, to log-off.
  2. Advise the CRO responsible for the election of the problem by sending them a detailed email or written statement.
  3. Advise the Elections Review Committee of the problem by sending a detailed email to